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PRESS RELEASE: Appointing staff of the Corporation in the past




About the appointment of officers of the Corporation in the past

On July 08, 1818, several newspapers reported that the General Director of Vietnam Airlines Corporation signed the appointment of officers in bulk before retirement. In this regard, the Vietnam Airlines Corporation (ACV) announced the following contents:

The demand for consolidating the management staff at all levels of the Corporation and its branches is set since 2015, especially after the Corporation has shifted to its operating model. Shares from April 1, 2016. On that basis, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of the Corporation has reviewed and promulgated the plan to consolidate the organizational structure and re-approve the Regulation on organization and operation, Function Board and the airport in December 2016. Basing themselves on the need to use cadres in the management and administration of the units to well perform their assigned tasks, the units directly attached to the Corporation proposed the appointment of cadres under the new model. 2017.

In mid-2017, Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Hung - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation retired under the regime, the plan of strengthening the machine and appointment of staff has not been implemented. After Comrade Lai Xuan Thanh was elected and appointed as Party Secretary - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation in June 2017, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and the Board agreed to implement the consolidation. The organization of the Corporation shall serve as a basis for consolidation of personnel at all levels, including:


- To consolidate the organizational structure, functions and tasks of professional sections and sections of the Corporation; - To synchronously improve the organizational structure, functions and tasks of production agencies and units under the branches of airports; - Determining the number of deputy heads of units. Based on the authority stipulated in the Statute of the Corporation and the internal regulations, after repeated review, from 6/2017 to 3/2018, the Standing Committee of the Party, the Board of Directors has issued 36 resolutions and decisions on the improvement of organizational matters mentioned above. Based on these decisions, the organization system of the Corporation consists of 395 clusters with a total of more than 9,500 employees, namely: - 13 specialized and professional boards of the Corporation, including 30 professional sections, 01 team. - 22 branches of airports, including 68 professional sections, 18 centers, 243 professional teams in the field of airport and airport operations.

To ensure good implementation of production and business plans as well as to strengthen the contingent of management staff, especially the needs of staff in the units directly involved in production and business, management and operation of airports , on the basis of the organizational structure and personnel planning, the Party Committee Organization Committee and the Human Resource and Organization Committee have summarized the proposal of the units from 2016, 2017 and the proposal Newly appointed and appointed to the Board of Directors and the Standing Board of the Corporation for consideration and decision.

After reviewing, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors has held several meetings, considered and issued 32 resolutions on the appointment of cadres, in which the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Director signed the Decision Appointment according to their competence according to the statute of personnel management of the Corporation. In April and 6/2018, the Corporation carried out the following assignments:
1. Appointment, transfer of equivalent positions due to changes in organizational structure and name: 15 cases; of which there are 3 officers at department level and 12 officers at department level.

2. Appointment of cadres in the proposed master plan from 2016: 53 cases; of which 3 staff at the level, 20 staff at the department and 30 at the team level.

3. New appointment: 36 cases in the planning; 6 officers at departmental level and branches, 21 officers at department level and 9 officers at team level.

The new appointments of the above-mentioned cadres are purely the process of considering, implementing and deciding the leadership of the Corporation on the basis of the management and administration needs and production and business tasks. consistent with the organizational model; To comply with the regulations and regulations of the Corporation; Ensure standards, in accordance with cadre planning for 2016-2021.

With the above-mentioned contents, the signing of the decision appointing officers of Comrade Le Manh Hung - General Director, Legal representative is not an individual decision, but responsibility is done according to the authority. decentralized by the Corporation.

Is pleased to announce.


Vietnam Airports Corporation - Joint Stock Company TP. Ho Chi Minh City, July 9, 2018





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